Minox Shampoo procapil 5% anti hair loss dht blocking

Minox Shampoo with Procapil 5% (DHT Blocking and Anti Hair Loss Shampoo – 100ml)

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Minox Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

Minox Shampminox shampoo price in Bangladeshoo (Procapil 5%) is one of the world’s most powerful hair loss treatment shampoo for men and women. It is clinically tested and proven to reduce hair loss and also helps to stop hair from falling.

Minox shampoo is designed to prepare your scalp to absorb higher levels of clinically proven Minoxidil and give you stronger, thicker, and more luxurious hair.

These results vary from person to person and there is no guarantee that the shampoo alone will regrow all lost hair.

What can Minox Shampoo do for your hair?

  • Stop Hair Fall
  • Regrow Hair
  • Delay the Appearance of White Hair
  • Removes Excess Oil from Scalp


Direction of Use –

Apply a small amount of Minox Shampoo to wet hair, message scalp and hair gently. Leave it 5 minutes, then rinse well. For better results, it’s preferred to use Minox Shampoo 4-5 times by week.

Minox Anti Hair Loss Shampoo Price in Bangladesh

Minox Anti Hair Loss Shampoo Price in Bangladesh is 920 taka in Hairtransplantbd.com. We guarantee 100% authentic product at best possible rate.


Is minoxidil shampoo effective?

If you are using minoxidil, then using minoxidil shampoo with it could be too much for your scalp. But minox shampoo is not made of minoxidil but procapil 5%.

Thus using it besides minoxidil can help you to block DHT when minoxidil is not a DHT blocker.

Can you buy minox shampoo over the counter?

Yes, you can. Your doctor may prescribe you to use this shampoo if you have androgenetic alopecia. But, if you are looking for a DHT blocking shampoo yourself, you can buy minox shampoo online or over the counter.



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