Sevich Hair Building Fiber Refill - Black 25gm

Sevich Hair Building Fiber Refill – Black 25gm

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  • For: Damaged Hair
  • For Men & Women
  • Type: HAIR LOSS
  • Quantity: 25 g
  • Sulfate Free
  • Colour: Black

Sevich Hair Building Fiber Refill – Black 25gm



Natural fibers from plants make up Sevich hair-building fibers, which are not harmful to the human body, even if the scalp is sensitive. Almost 100% close to the real hair characteristics, it is a breakthrough product for people with hair loss.
In seconds, it creates a natural full head of hair. It is not created chemically but is instead a plant form of keratin, which is attached to existing hair through electrostatic effects. They stay together for a long time without falling apart from sweat and rain. You won’t have to worry about it spreading like dandruff. Only until you use shampoo on it.
The product can be used for any hairstyle, any hair texture, any hair color, as well as covering extensions tracks and touching up roots between hair color appointments.

How to use

Step1: Spread fibers over areas where hair is thinning

**Hold the bottle at a 45-degree angle over your head with the cap removed.

***You should gently tap the fibers against your hair until the thinning hairs are no longer visible and the volume and fullness are satisfactory to you.

Step2: Pat the hair-building fibers using your hand into your hair.


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