We invite you to get your hair transplant done at myHairCare Clinic for following unique features:

Because of the experience of the team of myHairCare Clinic. Dr Jayanta Bain, (MCh Plastic Surgery) is a Plastic Surgeon with highest Plastic Surgical qualification. You must be aware that as per Medical Council of India (MCI) MCh Plastic Surgeon is the only person who can do a hair transplant surgery.
myHairCare is perhaps one of the few centres in Eastern India doing semi robotic hair transplant. Starting from strip harvesting under loupe magnification (5X), graft dissection under video assisted microscope (10X) up to implant under optivisor (3X) all are done under highly sophisticated instruments. Thus there is minimal graft damage and maximum result.
myHairCare always keeps patient safety before all. The centre is attached with a hospital with all basic and modern medical facility from Emergency to Intensive Care Unit. Most unique thing is that, the hair transplant is done in by a MCh Plastic Surgeon (Dr. Jayanta Bain) in Operation Theater, under care of a qualified & experienced Anesthetist so that you remain in safest condition.

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